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On the 26th and 27th of November, Christian Schrefel and Marcel van Meesche participated to the final conference of the SPREAD Sustainable Lifestyles 2050 Project.
Christian presented experiences regarding public participation and behaviour change in rural and urban areas :
•Rural example (South Morawia / CZ)
– Centre Veronica Host?tín
•Urban examples (Vienna / AT)
–Asphaltpirates reclaim the street
–Neighbourhood garden in Vienna city
His presentation can be dowloaded here, while the other presentations from the conference can be donwloaded here.
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Airlog : for a Healthy Indoor Life

Eco-Counselling Europe and 17&4 consulting are partner in the FP7 base project AIRLOG.
AIRLOG is designed to provide comprehensive state-of-the-art guidance for managing and diagnosing Indoor Air Quality in buildings, and ultimately becoming a Good Practices Digital Guide in EU IAQ.
  • While AIRLOG does not aim to solve current gaps in the scientific evidence of IAQ health risks (SCHER Committee), it aims at:
  • Helping auditors improve their audits
  • Helping clients better understand the IAQ control and maintenance processes
  • Improving IAQ control in EU buildings
Project website :


First publication of the Leonardo Da VInci funded "EcoStands For" project
A Handbook on "Quality Standards for Eco-Counselling in Europe"
The handbook contains chapters on
* the position of eco-counselling in Europe
* quality management (general introduction)
* the system of quality standards for eco-counselling
* existing systems of quality management of eco-counselling (national level)
* methods used in eco-counselling (examples)
* aspects of vocational training and legal recognition


The 15 Years of Eco-Counselling Europe were held in Prague, Czech Republic, the 16 and 17th of octobre 2006
with the support of
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Eco-Counselling Europe is partner of the Leonardo Da Vinci funded eco stands for Quality Standards of Vocational Training for European Eco Counselling project
The aim of the project is to develop high quality standards of the vocational training for European Eco Counselling.
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